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Cyber Round Up: Who is China Really Hacking?; Pentagon Cyber Team Takes Major Operational Step; What a real cyber war would look like

Cyber warfare: Who is China hacking? (CNN): An article from CNN analyzed the shifts in Chinese cyber warfare strategy. As mentioned in the recent Presidential debate, China is always on the radar as a potential cyber adversary, the article notes. The article quotes an official from FireEye as describing China’s cyber capacities as essentially another […]

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U.S. Accelerating Cyberweapon Research: WashPo

On March 18th, 2012, Ellen Nakashima reported for the Washington Post on the Pentagon’s efforts to acquire and develop cyberweapons.  Notably, the article explained how the Pentagon has gone gangbusters with regard to cybersecurity spending.  So far, the Pentagon has spent roughly $3.4 billion on offensive and defensive cybersecurity this year.  Moreover, DARPA received $500 […]

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Going On The Offensive

On November 15th, 2011, Ellen Nakashima reported for the Washington Post how the DoD has clarified its policy on offensive cyber operations.  Specifically, the article notes that the Pentagon, “if directed by the president, will launch offensive cyber operations in response to hostile acts.”  Furthermore, “hostile acts may include significant cyber attacks directed against the […]

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Pentagon Battle Concept Has Cold War Posture On China: The Washington Times

On November 9th, 2011, Bill Gertz reported for the Washington Times how the Pentagon has revealed a new battle concept that is aimed at countering Chinese military efforts to deny access near its territory and cyberspace.  Named “Air Sea Battle”, the concept takes a very Cold War style military posture towards China.  One Obama administration […]

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Nov 11th, 2011cyber attack, warfare

Waiting For The Cyberbarbarians: Foreign Policy

On October 21st, 2011, Robert Haddick wrote for Foreign Policy on how the issue of cyberwarfare has caused confusion amongst US policymakers.  Noting how former JCS Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen mentioned cyberattacks in the same vein as nuclear weapons, Haddick argued that US policymakers’ lack of progress on formulating cyberattack doctrine is dangerous.  The article […]

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White House Orders New Computer Security Rules: NYT

On Ocotober 6th, 2011, Eric Schmitt reported for the New York Times on how President Obama issued an executive order to replace the flawed patchwork of government computer security safeguards.  The order was the culmination of a seven-month governmentwide review of how government agencies handle classified information and how to reduce the risk of breaches. […]

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The ‘Worm’ That Could Bring Down The Internet: NPR

On September 27th, 2011, NPR reported on how the massive computer worm called Conficker has been spreading throughout the world.  According to writer Mark Bowden, Conficker penetrates the core of a computer’s operating system and turns control of the computer over to a remote operator.  Conficker takes all of these infected computers and networks them […]

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Pentagon extends cyberattack defense program: CBS News

On September 26th, 2011, CBS News reported on how the Pentagon is extending a pilot program to protect US defense contractors against cyberattack.  The program, which could serve as a model for other government agencies and critical infrastructure, seeks to harden the networks of defense contractors against attack.  To do so, the program has embraced […]

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Expert: Pentagon Cybersecurity Changes “very basic, very late”

CNN reports, in an article by Ashley Fantz dated December 2, 2010, that following the summer release of thousands of pages of classified U.S. intelligence by the website, the Pentagon responded with a pledge to “fix loopholes in its computer systems.”  Several months later, progress is “‘ridiculous.'”   According to Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman, […]

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The Pentagon’s New Cyber Warriors

In a special report, dated October 5, 2010, Jim Wolf of Reuters reports that the U.S. military “is preparing for digital combat even more extensively that has been made public.”  Based on “dozens of interviews with military officers, government officials and outside experts,” the report states that one of the Pentagon’s primary (and more controversial) […]

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