Purpose of Website

This website is an educational platform for those wishing to learn about public international law and legal norms relating to cyber warfare operations. It is maintained by a small group of University-based researchers in the USA and Europe who all have graduate degree qualifications (Master’s degree or higher) and whose research focus is in the legal aspects of cyber warfare and related topics such as the technical, institutional, law enforcement and jurisprudential crisis of modernising the ancient “law of war” tradition.

Following the model of Wikipedia, we as content curators and site editors do not publish our identities on this website, as our main aim is not to draw attention to ourselves, but to publish and make easily accessible to the public information on a very specific and topical field of interdisciplinary legal research.

Should you have any suggestions, requests or comments, please leave a brief message here and one of the site editors will be happy to receive your input. Thank you and we hope you find this site useful, user-friendly and helpful.

–Law of Cyberwarfare, editorial team


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