Southern Cameroons Crisis: SCACUF warns of suspected cyber warfare from Biya’s regime

As reiterated by the Secretary General in the attached communiqué, the recent voting initiative circulating on numerous platforms under the banner of MORiSC in collaboration with the Governing Council is not endorsed by us. Neither the GC or SCACUF was aware of its drafting or publication at any point in time of the process.


We therefore disassociate from it and the GC hereby calls on every Southern Cameroonian who is considering voting, to do the same. If it was a legitimate initiative, we would like to trust that MORiSC would definitely consult us. The very fact that they did not, does not only questions the initiative, but also invalidates its authenticity.

We strongly believe that this is another attempt by La République to collect your login information and data in order to ease their consistent attempts at hacking your accounts for malicious purposes. Whatever you do, please do NOT respond to it.

Communications Department





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