8.1 RU7 upgrade path issue

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I currently have an 8.1 RU7 installation that I need to upgrade to 8.5 RU2. The upgrade path is 8.1 RU7 > 8.5 > 8.5 RU2.

My issue is that 8.5 is the next upgrade I have to do, but it only supports SQL 2012-2016. I see mention that SQL 2017 support could show up in the next release update, however if it does, I still can’t go to 8.5. How am I supposed to get from 8.1 RU7 on SQL 2008 to 8.5 RUx on SQL 2017?

If i don’t have a intermediary SQL server for my upgrade, will there be a direct upgrade path for 8.1 RU7 > 8.5 RU3, will 8.5 also get SQL2017 support on the next release, or do I have to start my database over from scratch?

DatabaseConfigurationView – CredentialsVerified: Unsupported Sql Database Version Found during Credential Verification

VerifyConnection: Detected Type: Unknown

VerifyConnection: Detected Version: 14.0.3223.3




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