AntiVirus processes and this is triggering tamper protection

I need a solution

Our customer is using Symantec Endpoint Protection v14 (14.2) build 1023 914.2.1023.0100) and its blocking few exe’s from our product.

We are getting below exception :

[From event_log.xml…]
Scan type: Tamper Protection Scan
Event: Tamper Protection Detection
Security risk detected: D:E2EAPMTMAITM6_X64NET_CLR_VERSION64.EXE
File: C:Program Files (x86)SymantecSymantec Endpoint Protection14.2.1023.0100.105BinccSvcHst.exe
Location: C:Program Files (x86)SymantecSymantec Endpoint Protection14.2.1023.0100.105Bin
Action taken: Access denied
Date found: Thursday, June 13, 2019 3:08:30 PM</Data></EventData><RenderingInfo Culture=’en-US’><Message> 

We are not sure why its blocking this NET_CLR_VERSION64.EXE? 

Is it a known issue in this symantec Antivirus version? Is it safe to ignore this exception or is it harmful?



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