ASG | Maximum concurrent client connection limit of 2500 reached

I need a solution

Dear All,

  My customer have ASG S200-30-U500 and they use proxy type Explicit.

We found issue about sometime client access to internet slowly. after i have check eventlog we found message as below,

after i have check this message concern about license for client connection for U500 it have limit 2500

if reached 2500 Proxy will take queue for client access internet because customer config it.

and then i have check why client connection more than ever. We found they  have implement Office 365 OneDrive for Business.

please see Report from Reporter

before have request OneDrive

after implementation OneDrive

for imformation above it make client connection reached limit sizing of device.

My customer have question before extend about license.

They would like to know device can control usage of OneDrive & SharePoint by limited concurrent usage of it either connection or bandwidth.

Please  recommend

Best Regards,

Chakuttha R.



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