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I need a solution

Hi all,

Could someone direct me to a comprehensive list of Asset Management APIs/webservices and documentation on how to call them?

I’ve been asked to expand our asset tracking to include mobile and tablet devices – custom data types as well, straightforward enough – but the standard asset entry interface is extremely simplistic and ill-featured, and doesn’t provide anywhere near enough functionality for our asset team. Also, we’ll be migrating away from our existing asset system and need some method by which the existing data can be imported. 

Writing a custom interface for non-IE browsers is trivial in theory if the APIs are available and documented. I did take a look at the Asset functionality in Symantec Workflow, but it is – as is most of Workflow, I’ve found – very poorly documented. (I’m already in the process of writing my own data storage structure and APIs but I’d prefer not to reinvent the wheel if I can avoid it.)

Any assistance – or recommendations, or alternatives – on the matter would be appreciated.




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