BSOD after first image

I need a solution

Server is GSS 3.2 RU3.

Using USB Boot method.

Our current image is designed to use Windows Boot Manager in UEFI mode only.

Only affects the following systems:

1) PC/Laptop was running Windows 10 but bios was in legacy boot. Change BIOS to UEFI before imaging.

2) PC/Laptop running Windows 7 previously, regardless of UEFI or Legacy boot method in BIOS.

The first time the job is pushed in either of the above situations the device will BSOD during OOBE.

Push the image a second time, but only AFTER the BSOD, it will take everythnig just fine and continue with OOBE and all other automated tasks after image.

If we try to push before allowing the machine to BSOD, it will still BSOD. Almost as if it has determined it must first fail before it will ever succeed.

Prior to RU3 we did not have this issue (everytime).



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