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I am searching for a new security software for my home network (1x Android phone, 1x iPhone, 2x iPad, 1x Android tablet, 1x Windows 10 laptop and 1x Windows 10 PC)

My needs are like below;

Cloud management console

Detailed AV and Firewall configurations, like block apps, block ports, block apps on defined ports like blocking to access Chrome on 21 port

VPN will be good, but it should be hosted on vendor site, not some 3rd party hosts like hidemyass, hotspotshield, etc

So far I tested Symantec Endpoint Protection 15 with Symantec Endpoint Cloud Connect Defense. SEP 15 works good but SECCD is not working and Symantec refused to give support for trial accounts.

More questions.

Is there a engine difference between SEPC and SEP 15?

How can I connect my mobile devices to VPN when using SEP Mobile? When I try to connect manually on my iPhone I get only VPN server is not responding error.

How can I enforce devices to compliance when using SEP Mobile?

How can I enroll my mobile devices with SEPC automatically?

Is encryption different from Bitlocker?

After installing SEP 15 client into Windows, it is not getting enrolled like SEPC client. I have to wait around half an hour, if it doesn’t enroll until that time I have to reinstall client. Is there a fix for that?

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