cannot create boot disk

I need a solution

I am trying to create a boot disk using gss 3.1,but I keep getting an error saying the file does not exist c:program files (x86)altirisexpressdeployment serverbootwizplatformswinpe 4x86templatesstartnet.cmd.  I have tried reinstalling the ADKs. I’ve tried usings WinPE 4.0, 5.x, and 10.0.  I get the same message everytime after getting to 80% of Copying files to the production area.  I was able to create a bootable usb when we first implemented GSS3.1 but now even those configurations will not allow me to create a boot disk.  My bootable usb still works, so I can still create and deploy images, but I need to be able to create a disk for an older pc that is not able to boot from USB.



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