Certificate problem

I need a solution

I just installed a brand new NS on 2012 R2, and I’m getting into the Web interface flawlessly; however, I’ve run into a certificate issue that’s causing problems.

I have an Extended Validation Certificate that allows the use of “dept-deploy.dept.example.edu”, “deploy.dept.example.edu”, and “dept-deployss.dept.example.edu”, thus covering my NS, site server, and the “short” name used to access the Web interface.

I’ve updated the certificate in IIS (this worked), and when I load the SMC in a Web browser, I see the EV certificate successfully. In Certificate Manager, I see the “NS web site certificate” is in place, but I still have self-signed certificates for “Site server root certificate” and “NS root certificate”. Attempting to update these certificates gives me this:

Additionally, the Symantec Management Agent is telling me this:





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