Change Remote Machine’s Password over Internet

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Hello Masters, 

May i please request your support & assistance for this requirement i have with my company Your advice on this matter would be greaty appriciated. 


A company owned laptop (with SEP installed in it) was stolen along with its username/password. In some cases the employee itself do not return their laptops as they move out of the firm.

On a data security perspective, we need to ensure that the local data resding in the laptop is not manupulated or transferred to any other sources. The best scinario would be to lock the machine down completely in such  a way that the user wont be even able to log in to the device, there after.

Option 1

Utlizing SEP lockdown over internet – would locking down Explorer.exe be effective in such scenarios? Would the user still be able to log in & do some data transfers after that?

Option 2

Remotely changing the local username/password (using VN script) so the user would be locked out and wont be able to log in back to the machine there after?


strComputer = “.”

Set objUser = GetObject(“WinNT://” & strComputer & “/Administrator, user”)

objUser.SetPassword “09iuy%4e” objUser.SetInfo



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