Client communicate with server using multiple IP addesses

I need a solution


I have a problem with DCS client installed on Redhat Linux 7.  We have 4 servers have dcs agent installed , but those 4 server never go online with each other. 

For example we have server1 , server2 , server3 , and server4 

when server1 is online server2 goes offline , if we restart services or something like that server2 goes online and server1 become offline , the same happened for server3 and server4 .

We checked and notice that server1 , 2 , 3, and 4 use mulitple IPs to communicate to te server . I mean that each server has around 6 Network Interface cards , each NIC configured with different IP , so dcs client installed on Redhat Linux use different IP to communicate with server each time .

I believe if we can configure the client to use only one IP while communicating to dcs server , this problem will be solved , what do you think ?




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