Client Computer reboots, is taken off domain, Windows firewall reset, DHCP client service disabled, TCP IP stack corrupted!?

I need a solution

Hi all, I am trialing the Ghost solution suite 3.2 at my workplace, however I am having some very odd issues with it.

The senario is in a corperate domain enviroemnt, we have a Windows 7 computer with the Ghost solution suite 3.2 Trial version on (including the RU1 patch) and a Windows 7 client PC what serves the purpose as a disater recovery PC, what requires to be imaged and and .gho file produced of it in the process.

The Ghost solution suite 3.2 Trial version has WIN-PE 5.1 installed and incorperated from the ADK (C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits), as linked in the built in help guide.  The Client PC has the agent installed via the Deploy remote agent option in Ghost Solution suite.

All TCP/UDP ports as specified in the link belowe are open on both the Ghost solution suite computer and the Client PC.…

Now my problem is that when I create a “create image” task within the Ghost solution suite for the DR Client PC and run it, the Client PC reboots where it is then no longer on the domain, has the windows firewall reset, has some services disabled including the DHCP Client Service disabled, and has the TCP/IP stack corrupted to the point it will not rejoin the domain due to a “path not found” error.

To resolve the above error, I have to remove all the clients, services, protcols under “Ethernet Proerties”, unstall the NIC driver, reboot, reinstall the NIC driver and then finaly re-add the clients, services, protcols under “Ethernet Proerties” before the Client PC will rejoin the domain!?

The client PC is a HP 800 G2 Mini PC with a Intel I219-LM NIC. The image task on the Ghost solution suite does not have Sysprep enabled.

What on earth is casuing such an odd behaviour with the client PC when I run the create image task from the Ghost Solution suite console?

Regards: Elliott.



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