Client Deployment Wizard Logs or Debug

I need a solution

Hi, I have around 2500 14.x endpoints reporting to a SEPM12 console.. For wrong reasons we first upgraded clients using package deployment on the SEPM12..

Now we have a brand new SEPM14 where we will manage most of our Endpoints and will leave some on the old SEPM12…

The problem is when I try to use the Client Deployment Wizard on SEPM14 either for updating the sylink settings o for deploying new Endpoints to new PCs, I get a “Failed” status on every PC..  

I have searched the Logs on the Endpoint on the %TEMP% folder, also looked for new logs on the server on the %ApplicationData%/Symantec/Symantec Endpoint Manager/CurrentVersion/etc/etc/etc and could not get them..

I need to know what’s going on on the Server or Endpoint and the reason that the Deployment fails…

Note: If I try to deploy using the SEPM12 (to report to SEPM12) it works… If I try to Deploy a Saved Install package (With SEPM14 sylink or just the Sylink) using the SEPM12, it WONT work..

What I need is an effective way to change Sylink from SEPM12 to SEPM14 and also deploy new SEP14 from SEPM14 console.. 

Also, If I manually go there and replace the sylink.xml on the Endpoint, it will work… The problem is doing it remotley from either SEPM12 or SEPM14 console…

¿Any suggestions?



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