Definitions not getting updated for 2003 Servers

I need a solution

Hello All,

               We have 2 data centers in our environment in one of the Data center, the management console(14.2 RU1 (14.2 3335)) are getting updated with the latest virus definitions from the LUA and all the reporting clients including 2003 servers are getting the latest virus definition from the Managemnet Console, we don’t have any issue over there where as we have an issue in the another data center the consoles(14.2 RU1 (14.2 3335)) are getting the definitions from the LUA and it’s getting updated and only the 2003 servers are not getting the latest definitions.. I have checked in the LUA it’s downloading the content and moving it to the distribution center. Can some one help me why the 2003 Servers are not getting the definitions from the console?



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