Dell Latitude 5300 Client No display when connecting to Win10PE

I need a solution

So I was on Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 and was having an issue with a new model of Dell Latitude 5300 client Laptop only showing a black screen after loading from the PXE server. Right before it goes to a black screen I see the windows 10 logo then I get no display the ghost session does connect and it will create or image luckily so It still functions. I am not sure what would cause the black screen though on the load of the PE.

I have also updated to GSS 3.3 to test if there was some kind of fix for this issue but it still is happening. Has anyone had this black screen issue on any laptops or computers before? 

Not sure what is causing this because it is only specific to this model. Could it be the Video driver not loading in windows PE or is it.

Also to note I tried an external display same issue.



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