Deploy Anywhere fails after image deployment – Help!

I need a solution

Hello! So I’m trying to get DeployAnywhere to inject drivers after deploying an image on a new PC but for some reason it isn’t loading. Checking the logs it says it cannot be retargted to run on the computer, which indicates it is using the wrong path to windows but it is the correct path. Starting up the same computer after imaging with a ghost boot disk I am able to run the same command with deploy anywhere and it works fine. Any ideas? Below is the full log:

********************* Starting of Retargeting *********************

Mon Aug 06 21:03:44 2018

Start of Main().

Command line :  DeployAnywhere64.exe /target=c:Windows /ddb=M:driversdb /handleNonCriticalDrivers=minisetup

Symantec Ghost 12.0.0 (build=10517).Built on Mar 17 2017 16:04:40 Copyright (C) 2017 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved.

Start of DeployAnywhereMain().

Start of Initialize().

Computer Bios information

	Parameter Name		Parameter Value

	--------------		---------------

	Manufacturer  		LENOVO

	Product Name  		2518C3U

	Version Number		ThinkPad T410

	Serial Number		R85K6R1

	UUID          		81ce3dda-3a50-cb11-8d09-d7bcffa8c89c

	M&P combined  		LENOVO 2518C3U

Error: Unable to create the retarget system object. The system volume specified cannot be retargeted to run on this computer. 

End of DeployAnywhereMain().

DA Return code is 3(GH_ERROR).

********************* End of Retargeting *********************

End of Main().


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