DeployAnywhere won’t import drivers, says Failed to find any drivers to add.

I need a solution

We had a previous image process and are switching over to the altiris methodology so I am importing all drivers (Windows 10) into the deploy anywhere database.

I am getting a lot of them coming back with “Failed to find any drivers to add”  which then causes it to default to the base windows driver for this device.  One specific device that caused me to really notice this is a synaptics touchpad where when the drivers are the default MS it doesn’t work.  I downloaded the drivers from MS using update driver, then grabbed the drivers out of the driverstore and told it to try and import and again it says nothing found.   I was thinking maybe they weren’t there, so I ran a test with the folder I grabbed using DISM in winPE and sure enough they get installed fine that way.

Any ideas on what I can possibly do to get it to recognize the drivers?

This is the full error

Failed to import driver: \mynsservernscapbinwin32x86deploymenttempdriverssynpd.inf_amd64_a20ab0cba6ba9630synpd.inf [Failed to find any drivers to add.]



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