Disk 0 is instrumented even after decryption

I need a solution

Hi, we are running a Windows10 machine with SEE v11 on it. Yesterday, the machine did not boot up. After putting in the passphare, it shows a black screen with a flashing cursor on the Top Left corner of the screen. I have used the decryption tool to decrypt the drive. That completed successfully. When restarting the machine, the Symantec Bootguard still comes on.

When I boot with the decrypting tool to get to the cmd and type “eedAdminCli.exe –status –disk 0”,

I get the following message: “Disk 0 is instrumented by Drive Encryption.”

How do I un-unstrument the drive? I followed this PGP article, it is resolving my issue. https://support.symantec.com/en_US/article.TECH148944.html

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