Distribute Disk Image job overwrites the GPT partition structure

I need a solution


For years we have happily used DS6.9, re-branded to Ghost Solution.Until now we deployed a single image captured on MBR partition and deployed for pcs running in BIOS legacy mode. Windows 10 offers new security features that works only in UEFI mode. It has become a business requirement now. I started looking into it.

To begin with, I captured 2 images in UEFI mode on reference PC. Let’s name it EFI. wim and W10.wim.
Now I trying to apply them on the test PC.
Before I run the Distribute Disk Image job, I run the script that exactly matches the GPT partition structure on reference PC. The commands are:

select disk 0
convert gpt
create partition efi size=100
format quick fs=fat32 label="System"
assign letter=S
create partition msr size=128
create partition primary
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows"
assign letter=C

Now my goal is to to apply the EFI.wim image to S: drive and the W10.wim to C: drive using my tokenized answer file, the same I do for Windows 7.
In fact, the only token I use in my answer file is the computer name: <ComputerName>%COMPNAME%</ComputerName>

Here is the problem. When schedule Distribute Disk Image job to apply the W10.wim, it erases my GPT structure and recreates the MBR from scratch. Of course, there is no partition left to apply the EFI. wim and PC does not boot at all.
Am I missing something ? Any ideas ?




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