DLP Custom File Type Scripting – Begin counting from double digit column

I need a solution

Hi All,

I’m trying to identify custom file types with DLP Scripting Language.

I am able to do the following examples:
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x0, 1)
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x1, 1)
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x2, 1)
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x3, 1)
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x4, 1)
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x5, 1)
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x6, 1)
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x7, 1)
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x8, 1)
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x9, 1)

I am unable to do this:
$int2=getBinaryValueAt($data, 0x10, 1)

It seems like the syntax will not allow me to begin counting from a double digit numbered column (I.e. 10).

What am I missing?



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