Do we need a license from Oracle for Java use with the SEPM Java Remote Console?

I need a solution

I can’t get a straight answer with Symantec’s horrible tier 1 support, therefore hoping a Symantec employee can provide an answer here instead.

Starting January 2019, Oracle is changing Java 8 (and later) licensing requiring non-personal/home-use to purchase a Java licensing to run or use Java 8 or later. Since the SEPM’s Java Remote Console requires and uses Java 8 do we (my organization) need to purchase a license? When I contact Symantec support, they referred me to INFO5218 (…). I replied nicely that yes, I understand the Symantec Endpoint Protection (“SEP”) client doesn’t use Java, but I was inquiring about the Java Remote Console. Their response was that Java Remote Console didn’t use Java and therefore doesn’t apply. I replied with a screenshot showing that the Java Remote Console requires Java (it’s launched via C:ProgramDataOracleJavajavapathjavaws.exe -localfile -J-Djnlp.application.href= “C:Users<user_name>AppDataLocalLowSunJavaDeploymentcache6.02123a456-78b9b12c) and…. Support’s last response was “So we [Symantec] do not require to purchase additional license” but refuses to answer if we (my organization) needs an Oracle Java license to continue to use SEPM’s Java Remote Console. How I read Oracle’s licensing we need to purchase the Oracle Java license for every user of the Java Remote Console. Can a Symantec employee clear this up?

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