Encrypting and singing key for transfer using IPswitch

I need a solution


I am trying to encrypt a file an then send the file trough IPswitch to an outside vendor. I have been able to accomplish this with other vendorrs but one in particular doesn’t work. I am trying to automated this process and the company uses adTempus for automation. The job runs but does not send the file. The only time I was able to send the file it had a double .pgp extension. I have tried the following commands listed below.

pgp –encrypt <file path> -r <receipent>

pgp –encrypt <file path> -r <receipent> –signer <key ID> –passphrase <passphrase>

pgp -es <file path> -r <receipent>–passphrase <passphrase>

The one that worked was a line code that resulted in a double .pgp extension.

pgp –encrypt <file path> -r <receipent>

pgp –sign <file path> –signer <key ID> –passphrase <passphrase>

I am not the best programmer nor am I that good with PGP as I have had to learn it on the fly. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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