Endpoint Protect and Data Identifiers

I need a solution

DLP v14.6.0.3

I’m experiencing issues with Data Identifiers (DIs) when it comes to Endpoint policy detection rules.  Data Identifiers that work just fine in Email prevent and web prevent do not work with Endpoint prevent so I’m forced to use multiple version of DIs.

I can understand this limitation when using DIs with many or complex validators but i run into this limitation with a simple DI using a find keywords validator with 5 values and an exclude prefix using just one value.  This results in a less than desirable endpoint DI because I can not efficiently adjust for unwanted detections.

I have 24 Endpoint policies in total which i do not think is a lot. Some use DIs, others do not.  No EDM usage. Windows 7 clients

Is this an issue others are experiencing?  

If so any suggestions on how to work around it or correct it?

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