Facing Issue – DLP Endpoint Agent Connectivity to new Endpoint VM Servers

I need a solution

Hi All,

We are planning to migrate all the physical DLP Endpoint Servers to Endpoint VM servers. The Endpoint server and Endpoint Agents are configured as below:

(Existing Configuration) Endpoint Agents —> VIP —> Physical Endpoint Servers
(New Configuration) Endpoint Agents —> VIP (remains same) —> Endpoint VM Servers

The endpoint VM servers are configured to the existing VIP. When we stopped the services in physical endpoint servers, some agents start reporting to the available endpoint VM servers. But we could see some of the endpoint agents still reporting to physical endpoint servers in enforce console. We cannot use “change server” option because the agent status is unknown in console because we have stopped physical endpoint detection server services. Could anyone please let us know how to make all the agents report to Endpoint VM servers.



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