Failure message: program install has failed with Return Code: = -2147024680

I need a solution

I am trying to push a job Office 2013 64bit (“Office 2013 x64setup.exe” /adminfile “TitanOff201364bitV2.msp”)  to upgrade our clients Office.  I have been able to push successfully in the past, but now I am getting this error:

Failure message:  program install has failed with return code = -2147024680

I am not able to find in the KB what the return code means.  The packaged is set to push in the evening while the users are gone.  I have verirified the systems are logged in and locked.  They are failing after 3 minutes.  Has anyone experience this and gotten this error?  If so, what was your solution to reslove this?  I have 3 systems from the group that I am going to test today druing work hours to see if I am getting the same error or if it deploys successfully.   Hopefully it goes through. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks!




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