Formerly on Message labs and having issues recieving emails from Message labs

I need a solution

I am an IT support technician and we have a client who’s emails are hosted on Office 365, formerly hosted on Outsourcery/GCI during which time we belive message labs was being used also.

The client is haveing issues recieving emails from their affiliates who use message labs, they are able to send emails to them but are not able to recive emails from them. we were under the assumption that the issue was on the senders side however in contacting their IT support guys they have provided us with the following. 

As Promised here is the problem in 2 versions.


Easy Answer.


There is a problem at messagelabs with the old setting from when they were on that system.


Tech Answer.


The Messagelabs internal system which is still on is not pointing to the correct place it is a relay error and it is coming from Messagelabs the domain needs to be properly removed from the client portal.

This information has been provided by Vipre Email Security that cannot use there portal to affect other domains on the Messalabs portal.

This makes perfect sense to us however we cannot seem to see if there is any access to a client portal for message labs and are unsure if there ever was any to begin with. 

Our client emails were migrated to Office 365 earlier this year and can confirm that all DNS records are up to date and in line with Office 365 recommendations following these changes. 

A sample of the error: 

#< #5.7.1 smtp; 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay> #SMTP#

I can also confirm that there are at least 2 domains using message labs which the client are not able to recieve emails from. We have tried everything we can on the clientrs side so far ie. IP whitelsiting, domain whitelisting etc. 

Please advice us on the best way to proceed with this 



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