Ghost disk numbering

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Ghost and gdisk both use one-based indexing for disk numbers.

Diskpart and some other disk tools use zero-based indexing corresponding to the “physicaldisk” numbering Windows uses. For instance, Disk 0 in diskpart is “\.PHYSICALDISK0” (deviceID used by Windows). 

I need a way to tie the disk numbering in gdisk to diskpart programmatically. Can I simply increment the disk number used by Windows to get the Ghost/Gdisk number? Does Ghost used a different method to enumerate the HW?

Diskpart can give me the geographic location of a disk in the system (select disk #, detail disk). My system can change the number and type of disks, but they can be identical models, so the location is one of the only ways to identify a target disk. Does Ghost/gdisk provide any similar options?




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