Goolge Chrome Extension High CPU

I need a solution

Hi All,

I administer a fleet of virtual desktops that have the DLP Agent version 15.0.0100.01063 installed. We have noticed that on many the virtual desktops that have chrome installed a process brkrprcs64.exe is running. This appears to be the Symantec DLP Chrome extension. On the virtual desktops the process is consuming between 11 and 40% CPU in a single process or it may have multiple instances of brkrprcs64.exe running, having a combined CPU usage of approximately 60–>70%. 

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on why this process is consuming so much CPU and is there a fix for it? 

Environment info:

The virtual desktops are built on a VMware Horizon platform version 7.5.1

Virtual Desktop OS is Windows 8.1

DLP Agent version 15.0.0100.01063




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