Help Desk Recovery not resetting user password

I need a solution

Hello Folks,

I am currently working on a deployment of SEE version 11.2 and unfortunately the “Help Desk Recovery” feature is only letting the user pass the pre-boot authentication and not providing a password-reset option.

The challenges and responses are entered correctly and the hashes also verified.
Provided the correct computer-name and sequence#. (No option to provide username)

The next thing what we see is the user is allowed to pass Preboot and WIndows boots up. But, it did not throw up the message of password -reset

I cannot use the “Legacy OTP Recovery -Online” method as I dont see any codes on the user machine (white background)
nevertheless, I tried it with a random 5-digit code and then it throws me an error “One-Time Password Data for the user is not available in the database”

Can someone help me?





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