How to specify ‘any’ for ports on firewall rules

I need a solution

Hi, I have been trying to create a rule on a test firewall policy to allow Miracasting to work from a Surface Pro 4 to a projector.

Based on testing and log monitoring so far, I have created a rule with these details:
Action: Allow
Application: Blank = Any
Host: Blank = Any
TCP: Local Port 7236, Remote Port 7236, Direction Both (someone else actually put this in, don’t think it’s required)
UDP: Local 67,68, Remote 67,68, Direction Both
ICMPv6: Type 143, Code 0, Direction Both (not sure what this is, but it kept being blocked during testing)
UDP: Local blank, Remote 5355, Direction Outgoing
Log: Write to traffic log

I’m seeing blocks in the Network Threat Protection Traffic Log:
Outgoing, UDP, Remote Port 5355, Local Port changes each time, ranges from 51895 to 65340, application C:WindowsSystem32svchost.exe.
This is blocked by the (default?) ‘Block IPv6’ rule.

Can someone plese confirm that leaving Local Port blank when adding UDP Protocol under Service means ‘Any’, I want any outoing traffic to Remote Port 5355 to be allowed.
I’ve also tried with Local Port 0, it won’t let me put in *.

If I untickdisable all rules, then it connects.




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