Improvements needed for the SEP context menu

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

There are several improvements to the “Scan for Viruses…” context menu item that is accessible via file managers in Windows, that are desperately needed.

1.  Give users a way to CONFIGURE how this scan is run, and how it responds to detected items.  By hardcoding it, you effectively make this useless and unusable for anyone who only wants to be notified if there’s a problem, and not have thing being deleted without any say in the matter.

2.  Have this show up in context menus for 32-bit file managers as well as 64-bit file managers.  Right now, if using a 32-bit file manager, this option simply does not appear.

3.  Add a quick-access key so that this can be selected by keyboard.  The “S” is a good choice.  Right now, there is no fast way to select this by keyboard.

4.  For the scan window that comes up, let the keyboard Escape key exit the window (with a prompt to confirm cancelling the scan if it’s still running at the time).



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