Install client email link incorrect

I need a solution

I have setup a new SEPM. While building policies and testing deployment scenarios I am missing where I edit the URL or at least the host prefix for the client install notification email. I created a new management server entry in “Management Server Lists” that only has a single (Priority 1) fqdn entry in it and its selected to only use https protocol. So in the list it reads “”. My “My Company” group has this new management server entry listed in its policy under location specific settings / communications settings and the default group is inheriting it. 

However when I run the client deployment wizard and use Web Link and Email, the generated email still has http:// and the :8014 port specified after the FQDN server name. If I manually remove that from the URL and change it to https:// the download begins and all is well. I would just rather not have to edit the email every time I send one out.

Any help would be appreciated.



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