IT Management Suite 8.1 RU3 is now available

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Highlights of the value ITMS 8.1 RU3 delivers to customer include:

  • Support for RHEL 6.9 and CentOS 6.9
    For more information, see the support statement

Other Enhancements:

  • Ability to switch AppIdentity through Symantec Installation Manager in case of the AppIdentity account expiration or lockout.
  • Notification of Symantec Management Console users in case of changes to the IT Management Suite GA Product Listing.
    Note that this notification is informational only. Actual update of product is performed in SIM. 
  • New configuration option to fail the job if a specific sub-task or sub-job within this job fails. 
  • Ability to add custom description to the task instance when scheduling a task.
  • Task configuration option to restart only the computers that are pending reboot.
  • Ability to use Data Class Summary Generator page to aggregate extensive data set in CMDB into a smaller data class content.
    For more information, see Creating Data Class Summary Generator
  • Ability to clone the target in target editor.
  • Enhancements of the Certificate Management page.
  • Improved performance of the Boot Disk Creator by reducing the time required to add preboot drivers and other packages while creating preboot packages for WinPE5 and WinPE 10.
  • Ability to capture an image of a computer with 4K native drive that has GPT partition and NTFS file system and to deploy it on a computer with 4K native drive.
  • 166 defects resolved, including 61 customer reported issues.
  • With the patch management metadata for Windows release 7.2.73, you can select specific Microsoft Office 365 channels for patching. (does not require RU3)
    For more information, see the knowledge base article DOC9673

The release notes are located at the following URL:



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