License and Server Requirements for Oracle EBS iRecruitment Antivirus

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Oracle recommended to have a Symantec Endpoint protection to scan for viruses of attchements which will be uploaded in to E-Business suite modules likw iRecruitement and iSupplier. 

Please advice how to acheive this?

Relevant oracle documents : 

1. License and Server Requirements for iRecruitment Antivirus (Doc ID 283744.1)…

2. Is There Any Functional Setup in iRecruitment for File with Virus? (Doc ID 2322695.1)…

Extracted from Doc ID 283744.1

1. Are additional setups needed on the server which will be running the anti-virus software?

2. Is a separate licensing agreement required?
Yes, you will need to license Symantec antivirus software.

3. If so, what are the server requirements?
You will need to verify with Symantec.

4. Does this reside on the DMZ server, the apps server, or both?
It can reside anywhere you like as long as it accesses the application servers.





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