Mailserver – Negative reputation

I need a solution


We have trouble with Symantec from one of our IPs. We are blocked each day for those reason :

The IP address was found to have a negative reputation. Reasons for this assessment include:

  • The host has been observed sending spam in a format that is similar to snow shoe spamming techniques.
  • The host is unauthorized to send email directly to email servers.

We have checked several DNS black lists and the ip is not listed there. We have checked the ougoing email and we are not observing any abnormal email deliveries. Does anybody know why our reputation is negative? I tried to remove the IP using the reputation tool and it worked, but after a few hours it got a negative reputation again.

Everything appears to be in order, can you provide more information for us to fix this issue?

I’ve sent one email to investigation@ with no follow-up for now.

Thanks for your help.



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