Manage patch distribution at the update level?

I need a solution

Is there a way to manage patch distribution to the package servers at the update level, rather than the bulletin level? For example, Bulletin MS17-06-IE contains update windows8-rt-kb4021558-x64. We do not have RT in our environment, but most of the rest of the updates in that bulletin (with the exception of those related to XP) are relevant to us. Our remote package servers are a bit constrained for disk space and it would help to be able to not distribute files to them that are related to updates we do not need, especially when some of those updates are over a gig. I’m looking for ways to save some space until we can upgrade the servers (we are already disabling superseded bulletins). Simply disabling the update in the “Advanced” tab of the software update policy does not appear to delete the update off the servers as disabling the entire bulletin in the Patch Remediation Center would do (or am I missing something?).



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