My ip blocklisted

I need a solution

I am use to remove ip, but nothing.

refused to talk to me: 554 5.7.1 You are not allowed to connect. Your mail server might be on Symantec Global Bad Senders list

The complete IP check for sending Mailservers
Data of the received email
Receiving timestamp (UTC):    2019-09-12 11:15:04    Sender IP:
Sender HELO:    Sender address:
From address:    Kalle Raidma <>
Receiver address:
rDNS for IP
IP Addresses (A or AAAA records) for
At least one IP address of the DNS lookup for matches the original IP    OK
The HELO/EHLO string “” is a valid host- or domainname    OK
IP Addresses for “”
At least one IP address of the DNS lookup for “” matches to the connecting IP    OK
The HELO/EHLO string “” matches to one of the names in the rDNS from connecting IP    OK
Sender Address Tests
The Sender address “” is a valid email address    OK
MX, A or AAAA record of the Sender domain “” (pref=10)
IP Addresses for
DNSBL Blacklist Test Summary    287 of 287 tests done.
Results    Not listed: 275    Blacklisted: 0    Brownlisted: 0    Yellowlisted: 0    Whitelisted: 0    Neutrallisted: 0    Failed: 12
Processing    All done
DNSBL Combinedlist Test Summary    21 of 21 tests done.
Results    Not listed: 18    Blacklisted: 0    Brownlisted: 0    Yellowlisted: 0    Whitelisted: 0    Neutrallisted: 2    Failed: 1
Processing    All done
DNSBL Whitelist Test Summary    37 of 37 tests done.
Results    Not listed: 37    Blacklisted: 0    Brownlisted: 0    Yellowlisted: 0    Whitelisted: 0    Neutrallisted: 0    Failed: 0
Processing    All done
DNSBL Informationallist Test Summary    15 of 15 tests done.
Results    Not listed: 6    Blacklisted: 0    Brownlisted: 0    Yellowlisted: 0    Whitelisted: 0    Neutrallisted: 9    Failed: 0
Processing    All done



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