Need help with scripting standalone dark network installation.

I need a solution

I am tring to write a DOS script do a silent install of our standard configuration of SEP 14 dark network client.  I need to learn the command line switches for the following settngs:

Yes: Custom

Yes: Dark network client

Yes: Core Files

Yes: Virus, Spyware, and Basic Download

No:  Advanced Download Protection

No:  Outlook Scanner

No:  POP3/SMTP Scanner

No:  Proactive Threat Protection

No:  Network and Host Exploit Mitigation

No:  Application Hardening

Yes: Enable Auto-Protect

No:  Run LiveUpdate

No: ” I want to join the fight…”

No:  “Yes, I’d like to help…”

Does anyone know where I can find this information?  I have been looking for two days.



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