Need some help installing – newbie in DLP

I need a solution


I just purchased Symantec DLP Discover Suite (14.6, 15, 15.1, 15.5) and I’m having a hard time installing. Saw youtube videos, instructions online, and pdfs. All the tutorials are somewhat different then the packages that I downloaded. 

I’m trying to install the server (enforcer and detector) in 1 WM windows machine and apply to 5 users running Win10 pro. 

I was not even able to install the server, or because it requires Oracle client, or some file is missing, or permission is not acessible(running admin acct), or error 5, or in the tutorials they would require a different file than the ones provided with symantec. 

I can go thru further details, but I’m very lost on this instalattion. Though it would be a level 4 (0-easy, 10-hard), but its making me nuts. 

If can someone point me some advice, I would appreciate. 

Thank you in advance. 



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