Network Discover Scan Problem with Hitachi storage(Network Share Scanning)

I need a solution

Hi Techies,

I am facing a problem with network share scanning. We have one network share from Hitachi Storgae which is being scanned by Symnatec Network Discover server.

Server is Windows 2012 DC edition with 4 CPU and 32 GB RAM(virtual Machine 3 server). When I starts the scan without any Throttling then scan goes fine but problem is with Hitachi Storgae.

Hitachi guys asked to stop the scan as resource utilization goes to 100% gratually it 8 hours and storgaes hangs up. This is happening with throttling on 2014BM/MIN and 1024MB/MIN scan settings as well.

Now my questions are:-

1) Did anybody on this forum faced this problem before.

2) Do we have any setting which need to be done on storge or DLP.

I have logged a case with hitachi and Symantec both, both are saying this is not our problem because:-

1) Hitachi says when DLP scan starts then only problem comes else there is no problem with storage.

2) Symantec is saying there is no problem in logs may be Hitachi is no releaseing the resources after a file is scanned.

Now I am finding the solution in expert & experienced people(you guys). please help me if anyboady have any inputs. I will try in my environment & provide you the results.


Sandeep Saini



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