No formatted partitions were found on the source drive Error – Win PE 4.0

I need a solution

Dear sysmantic comunity, on behalf of a medium sized orgnization that I work for, I have been given the task of uisng our XP SP3 Ghost server with Ghost Solutuion Suite 2.5 on (Ghost server version is to backup and create a ghost image of our Distater Recovery PC what is a modern Windows 7 X64 PC provided by our DR facility. 

This ghost image is then sent to our DR facility where it is then mass deployed in the event of a majour disater or during a DR disater drill.

The modern Win 7 DR PC is a HP EliteDesk 800 65W G2 Desktop Mini PC. I should also mention that Win PE 2.0 what comes by default with Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 has no NIC drivers for this PC, so out DR facility had to send us thier Win-PE .WIM file what appears to be Win-PE 4.0.

Now regading to the main purpose of this thread, I would like some advice on what could be causing my current error when trying to capture and image the new DR PC. When I execute a GhostCast server task from the ghost server to create a non-syspreped image of the new DR PC, I get the follwoing once the new DR PC has rebooted into Win PE 4.0:

“Usage Error 635: No Formatted partitions were found on the source drive.”

I have allready tried things like disabling UEFI boot in the BIOS, making sure the DR PC is using the MBR partitioning system, trying multiple times, etc…

Any ideas how to resolve the issue or what could be causing it? I have attched the GhostServers log as well as a couple of pictures of the above errors that I mention. Do also let me know if you want any more info.

Regards: Elliott Veares.



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