No PXE-Boot when assigning job, otherwise PXE works

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)


PXE is set up and works in my opinion.

On all clients, PXE-Boot is set as the first boot method, each client first queries the PXE server at boot time and then executes the PXE-Boot according to my settings: For clients known in the console, the PXE-Boot-Menu waits 5 seconds, then the boot from the local HDD with the locally installed operating system takes place. Clients not known in the console wait 10 seconds in the PXE boot menu and then start the Automation Agent via PXE.

If I assign an image deployment-job to a client known in the console, this client will restart as it should be. Then it should boot the Automation Agent via PXE so that the new image can be transferred to the hard disk. However, this is not the case. Instead, the PXE boot menu is displayed for max. 1 second, but it is exited immediately and the local operating system is booted from the local hard disk. The deployment-job is then shown as failed at the end.

What is the reason / What should I do?

Thanks in advance!



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