NTP not synchronized on Advanced Threat Protection

I need a solution

HI Team,

After running the “status_check” command in Symantec ATP’s CLI i am getting following message:

NTP                                             NOT synchronized!
                                                Please fix NTP configuration, else
                                                the appliance may not function properly.

We are using  Domain Controller (DC) as NTP server. 

As per the symantec KB article:


if the time servers is a DC, change


LocalClockDispersion from 10 to 0.

I have cheked the same with DC team but they informed me that only Symantec ATP team only reported the error.

No other applications or services team has reported the issue.

DC team can not do the aforementioned changes in their DC server cause it might impact many applications,services and servers in environment.

Can you guys help me with workaround to fix this issue??

Quick response will be appreciated. 



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