Office 2019 – no more patching via Symantec discussion

I need a solution

I’m starting to test deployment and patching for Office 2019.

Am I reading the microsoft docs correctly that Symantec will no longer be capable of patching because msi updates will no longer be pushed?

Enterprise customers who install the volumed license versions will need to decide to either allow updates via Microsoft CDNs, or manually make patches accessible on a share (to alleviate bandwidth concerns).  

More info here:

I have seen Microsoft bork windows updates plenty in the last year or two, but office updates have been pretty stable.  Are Symantec customers allowing updates to happen via the CDN?  It’s usually our internal preference to test updates before they go out, but even if I download them and put them on the share, it seems like all machines would be getting updates at the same time without a way for me to scope updates to a test group of PCs.

Thoughts?  What are you planning to do in your environment (if you’re not moving to the cloud)?




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