On-box Sandboxing base image failing to install

I need a solution

I recently upgraded our BlueCoat MAA to Symantec CA v  on a CAS-S500-A1 appliance. 

I try to create a base image selecting the option to “Download from Symantec”

I then select to install a “Windows 10 64-bit” and enter the license key on the next page. 

I then get this summary:


Confirm the details before creating the base image on Content Analysis.

  • Type: ISO downloaded from Symantec
  • Name: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Product Key: [removed here]

The Image downloads and I do see it boots up (pictures in the status window)

But then it fails (14% complete) and I can see a picture where there is an error in a window with the title “Select the operating system you want to install” where there is a list box for “Operating system   Architecture   Date modified” and in the list there is a single line stating:

No images are available”

After a while, this process fails and the only option I have is to “Remove Base”

Any idea on how to get a base image installed on the box?



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