OST makes Outlook crash

I need a solution


I apologize in advance for any mistakes in my writing. English is not my language ^_^

Some of my users get something like this when they open up their Outlook:

“Can’t open file 

I had to keep deleting their e-mail profile and recreating it every time they either rebooted their machine or turned off and on Outlook.

It’s like something was blocking the OST file. (we work with Cached Exchange Mode, don’t know if it helps but we really need to keep it that way)

I also noticed that if I rebooted or turned on the machine and started Outlook even before Endpoint had a change to properly start, I could bypass this error.

So I ended up adding a policy to my hostedendpoint.spn.com that excludes “C:Users%user_name%AppData” and all subfolders from the protection settings.
So far I haven’t got any more problems with the Outlook OST, but I only tried this with one user.

And now I’m left with this:

1 – It seems I can’t use wildcards so where you see %user_name% is where I have to insert the name of the affected user (one by one) at my hostedendpoint.spn.com

2 – Even if I add them (which will be a PITA) I’m not 100% sure that this will fix the problem

3 – (And this is important) Will I still keep my users e-mail secure? Like, are my attachments still under the Endpoint watchfull eye?

Main point is, why as this started ocurring now and how do I fix it?

We have Outlook 2016 with O365 accounts associated.

Thank you



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