package software with a batch install

I need a solution

I’m trying to package a software called greenshot which is free screen print program, for it to have the settings I want after install I need two ini files to be placed in the install dir after the install is complete:

1. I have the exe running like this “Greenshot-INSTALLER-” /sp /suppressmsgboxes /nocancel /norestart /closeapplications /verysilent 

2. I know I did this once before but can’t for the life of remember how, believe I would need to create a batch file for the install and after the above line runs have the xcopy command run to copy those two ini files in the “c:program filesgreenshot’ but do I need to upload the those ini files into software resources or is there a step when i first load greenshot.exe into the software resources that I attach those files?



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