PGP Desktop Licensing issue : Need to remove users in Pool laptop through PGP Universal administration

I need a solution

Hello All,

Its my first time of using the Symantec forums and please correct me incase anything goes wrong.

My query is we have PGP 10.2 installed on all machines in our organisation.  To manage the PGP licenses, we are using PGP Universal administration from where we are managing the Decryptions keys and also PGP licenses.

The issue is there is a machine whic is a Pool laptop / loan laptop in which there are multiple entries of users (10) on a single laptop. So, as 10 users have logged in at different times in last 2 years, for my understanding we are using 10 PGP licenses. now we need to free some licenses on this particular machines as 2 of the users are not using this laptop at all, but they still are working in the organisation.

The option which we have in PGP Universal administartion is either to remove the machine or remove the user does not fits here. As if we remove the machine, other 7 users will be not having the access to machine. on the other hand, if we remove the 3 users, they will not be able to logn to their personal laptops (these are company’s laptop only).

Please advise how to tackle this concern. 



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